Episode 02 – Sara reviews Saga

You guys! You guys!  Sara read a comic!  Shit, she read twelve comics before she realized she’d gone above and beyond the mission.  Saga, volumes 1 and 2.

Sorry guys – we had a little recording snafu. When we* didn’t plug the microphone in before we fired up the recording software, Skynet decided to use the built-in microphone, like “fuck it, what’s the difference?” So yes, it sounds like we recorded this episode from inside a nuclear submarine.  Kinda borked this.


We swear on all that is unnatural, we’ll triple-check the tech next time. Just bear with us – this was a pretty insightful session, as Sara’s first legit review/deconstruction of a comic.


*Mike is being kind. I kinda borked this. Also, I don’t know why I am screaming about pie (although yes, pie is often scream-worthy)… and you know all of those rookie annoyances that happen when people first start podcasting? Yeah. I do all of them. We are letting it fly anyway and we promise to do better next time! -Sara

Episode 02: https://app.box.com/SaraAndMikeOnComics

Show Notes


One thought on “Episode 02 – Sara reviews Saga

  1. Reblogged this on Shallow Readers and commented:

    Shameless cross-promotion alert!

    Sara doesn’t read comics, and I’m trying to convince her to enjoy them. She hates words + pictures in the same space – makes her head hurt. I’m going to overcome it…somehow.

    Podcast, episodes 1 & 2 – each under an hour. Lots of laughs.

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