Episode 07: Try to guess where we paused the recording!


birthday cake… on his head

There is no prize for guessing where we had to pause the recording. We think it sticks out a bit, but maybe not? Join the fun and take a stab at it… Crikey, will we ever get good at this?! Ugh. Anyway, onward ho! [M: Crikey?!? Who’s the Commonwealther here anyway? Can’t you just say Jaysus like the rest of us heathens?]

Well folks, could it be that we have some favorable reviews? Hm. Maybe. One might be luke warm and the other might just be…favorable. Yes. Yes. We think it just might be.

Tune in to hear Episode 07 (but see the note below on spoilers): listen here

NOTE: Sleepy Hollow Spoilers are here: 47.30 – 48.57, but we do discuss the two books below pretty heavily so beware. We also chat a little bit about the new show The Flash so if you aren’t caught up on that beware. We don’t give a ton away, but I know there are some puritans out there who like to go into it cold (ahemMikeahem).  [M: I’m the guy who debated for three days whether to watch the official Trailer for Avengers 2, ’cause I really didn’t want to spoil any great moments. But then I caved anyway, because I’m a weak man.]

This week we discuss how we feel about the somewhat whiny Aquaman in Aquaman, Volume 1: The Trench by Geoff Johns. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Mike didn’t like it too much when he read it a while back, nevertheless he convinced me to continue on with the series. [M: Cause I’m just that kind of sicko.]

And a much more favorable review (back on top Wonder Woman!) for Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Blood by Brian Azzarello. Funny thing about one of my favorite characters in the book:


 (from http://www.nerdist.com/2013/05/exclusive-brian-azzarello-previews-wonder-woman-20/)

By the way, this is how you say it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdTpIoPOUEw

Show Notes:

  • Mike mixed up his Joe Cools. Behold Joe Cool on the left and Joe Douche Bag on the right.


And one final note! We can’t wait to record our next show. We attended a local comic book signing where I received a recommendation from someone I feel obligated to listen to and (as if that weren’t enough!) I have a story to tell about a short comic debate I had in a bakery in downtown Portland. Also! More S.H.I.E.L.D. and more Flash…woo hoo!!!!!


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