Episode 05: We really learned something about ourselves…

Guess what! Sara liked a comic; 4-stars-on-Goodreads-liked-it as a matter of fact. And do you know what we learned about ourselves? We are much better at articulating our feelings when we dislike things than when we like things.


All is not lost though because there is plenty of crap out there to talk about besides that one comic Sara read that she really liked. Tune in to hear us talk up Dr. Strange: The Oath written by Brian K. Vaughan, talk a little sideways about the new season of S.H.I.E.L.D., and (ahem) maybe talk down about the first two episodes of the television show Gotham.


  • 20:00 through to 37:06 – S.H.I.E.L.D. plot elements
  • 37:06 through 38:44 – we learn how Mike doesn’t make soup for Sara when she is sick
  • 38:45 through 53:08 – Gotham plot elements
  • from 53:09 on you should be safe (unless you are still slogging through the first season of Arrow like we are)
  • (sorry for how long this is but the dogs really had a lot to say)

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Show Notes:


  • Silly Putty was the greatest toy when all your grandparents would let you play with was newspapers


[Mike says: “Sara is a genius for finding that Batman-Silly Putty ad.  Holy shitarski, Batman!”]


Episode 04 – What? *More* New Avengers?

We have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Not only did Sara read more comics she also went to her first* Comic Convention.

Was Sara less confused with Volume 2 of Bendis’ New Avengers?


Did Mike embarrass her at the Comic Con with his fan boy ways?


Has the whole experience turned Sara off comics forever?!


Tune in to find out!

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Show Notes:


*not counting the Portland Independent Comic Festival of 2012

Episode 03 – Sara reviews The (old) New Avengers!

When last we left our not-so-dynamic duo Sara was jonesing for a superhero fix.

After much deliberation Mike chose The New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis.


How did it go? Tentatively good…tune in to find out if she will continue reading the series or move on to something else. Also, a podcast about reading comic books wouldn’t be complete without discussing a whole lot of television. Yeah. I’d like to tell you it won’t derail in the future, but why lie? Also…


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Show Notes

Episode 02 – Sara reviews Saga

You guys! You guys!  Sara read a comic!  Shit, she read twelve comics before she realized she’d gone above and beyond the mission.  Saga, volumes 1 and 2.

Sorry guys – we had a little recording snafu. When we* didn’t plug the microphone in before we fired up the recording software, Skynet decided to use the built-in microphone, like “fuck it, what’s the difference?” So yes, it sounds like we recorded this episode from inside a nuclear submarine.  Kinda borked this.


We swear on all that is unnatural, we’ll triple-check the tech next time. Just bear with us – this was a pretty insightful session, as Sara’s first legit review/deconstruction of a comic.


*Mike is being kind. I kinda borked this. Also, I don’t know why I am screaming about pie (although yes, pie is often scream-worthy)… and you know all of those rookie annoyances that happen when people first start podcasting? Yeah. I do all of them. We are letting it fly anyway and we promise to do better next time! -Sara

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Episode 01 – we’re off!

Sara has a problem with comics: no, she doesn’t mind the unrealistic content, or the underwear-on-the-outside, or even the rampant historical misogyny.  Sara just has a mental block about trying to stay in the flow when she’s constantly switching back and forth between the words and the pictures.

We’re going to power through that, and figure out some way to entice, cajole or downright trick Sara into reading comics.

It’s going to be a fun ride – we’ve got opinions about comics (and other topics…okay, we got off on a few too many tangents first time out) and we’re sharing them in a freewheeling conversation.  Download, try a sample, and tell us what gateway comics you would recommend to interested newbies.


Show Notes