Episode 11: The Honeymoon Episode

We got hitched, no lie, on April fools day. Seemed appropriate, right?

Anyway, Sara’s fallen off the comic wagon a bit and so in addition to talking very briefly about Hawkeye, Volume 1: My Life as A Weapon by Matt Fraction, and some of Deadpool Calssic 2 by Joe Kelly we mostly talked TV and movies.

Episode 11: Listen Here

I know it’s been a while, but you remember how this works, right? Spoilers. SPOILERS. Don’t listen if you aren’t caught up on the following shows because we’ll ruin them for you.

  • The Flash
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Agent Carter
  • Supernatural
  • Arrow

As for movies, we are really looking forward to Deadpool, in no small measure because of this:

deadpool tweel

Other than this, here are some cryptic things that will only make sense if you give a listen.




Episode 10: Aquaman Gets His P***s

This podcast needs to start with an apology. Wow. We didn’t edit, but we should have. We know it. Our heads are hanging in shame that even at episode 10 we haven’t gotten better at this. In fact we have managed to get worse.

So if you would like to hear us deal with our bratty dogs (okay, it was really just one of them), and maybe a few comments here and there about comics, by all means tune in.

Episode 10: Listen Here

In between the dog antics here is what we managed to toss a few words out about:


  • TV Series Gotham (Up to the Mid-Season finale – whatever the hell that is – Episode 10 “Lovecraft”.) I have a theory about who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. Whether they decide to “re-write” it remains to be seen, but if you paid attention (or re-watch it) it seems like it was at least this particular actor they used to do the deed, who plays Butch Gilzean from Fish Mooney’s camp:


  • TV series The Arrow (because Mike hates all of us).
  • And the shitastic Spiderman movie with big-head long-neck.
  • Seriously though, the show was really about this little brat:


P.S. This post is sadly missing the acerbic voice of Mike. He’s been suppressing his rage and fighting with code and dealing with a very big project in Real Life. Man, that Real Life sucks sometimes. He will be back next time…although, maybe he just doesn’t want to be associated with the worst podcast to ever be recorded. Evil freaking genius.