Episode 09: The Big Jizz


Oy. That title! But guess what?! I read Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick, written by Matt Fraction and Illustrated by Chip Zdarsky. Nope. We are not going to give any hints. You’re just going to have to listen to find out what I thought. [M: Well *I* thought it was ridiculously, appropriately peurile and heartfelt, but my opinions apparently don’t count for much around here.] [S: Honey, everyone already knows how you feel about it – geesh.]

Episode 09: Listen here.

We also talked about my continuing to read the Aquaman run by Geoff Johns and the Wonder Woman run by Brian Azzarello – I’m now up through volume 3 of both runs. Are they getting better or worse, or are they staying steady? Well, I am still reading the series despite some annoyances…so I guess it is going okay? Mostly?

And a side bonus, Mike got a little sidetracked talking about Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run. So if you have some opinions on this run – and if you search the internet at all there is no shortage of opinions out there – you can hear his take on it. [M: How can someone NOT have an opinion on this? So far it’s reaching the upper levels of Hickman’s best works.]

Not a lot of television talked about this time around. I may have run out of a little steam on that, but since the American Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us we fully expect to get caught up on our stories in time for the next podcast. [M: We better – I expect a lot of couch time on the holidays. Indoorsy guys are like that.]

And of course some show notes:

  • The horrible drawing of Dionysus we mentioned (who Mike kept thinking of as Ronnie Dio) next to a typical depiction of the Lord of the Grape. Cliff Chiang, better luck next time because your drawing makes no sense.



  • And come on, you know you want to watch In Search of with Leonard Nimoy. So good and lusciously 70s-tastic.
  • The name of the actor who is playing General Wade Elling on the TV show The Flash is Clancy Brown, also known for his work in The Highlander as The Kurgan, and in my humble opinion the only saving grace for the film Cowboys and Aliens (no link because NO). He is very well known too, as the voice of Lex Luthor, which he did for 12 years (!) for DC’s Animated Series (among other voice roles – not all for DC). He also, may I say, would have made a great model for Dionysus in Azzarello’s Wonder Woman run. Amiright? Cliff Chiang, take note:


  • Sigh. Big secret. I am not a Spiderman fan. Mike almost broke up with me. [M: Hey, empty threats are no match for your…contributions around this home. But seriously – who doesn’t relate to Peter Benjamin Parker?] The portrayal of him as a pathetic victim (Peter Parker not Mike) – which, hello, if you are smart and nerdy it doesn’t make you pathetic [M: oh really?] – seriously annoys me. We decided to blame the Toby Maguire films for that. Ick. Mike is going to put some thought into what he could introduce me to that would change my mind.
  • If Mike does break up with me he is going to try to find the guy at Rose City Comicon who dressed as Spider Jerusalem from Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan [M: relevant tattoo work and everything]:


  • Wonder Woman episode with Eve Plumb (Jan Brady!) and Martin Mull: also lusciously 70s-tastic.
  • For Sam: here is a pic of our girls – Serena the one-eyed Samoyed, and Emma the Australian Cattle Dog (our OCD ACD).


And last, but not least, here is what is on deck for next time: 

  • Gotham Central volume 1: In the Line of Duty (Brubaker – Rucka – Lark) is finally in from the library.
  • Hawkeye volume 1: My Life as a Weapon (Fraction – Aja – Pulido)
  • Wonder Woman volume 4: War (Azzarello – Chiang – Sudzuka)
  • Aquaman volume 4: Death of a King (Johns – Pelletier – Parsons – Reis)
  • [and Mike is continuing with Hickman’s Avengers and a side trip into Carey’s Suicide Risk]