Episode 8: Crazy Butcher Dad


Episode 08 is up: LISTEN HERE

This one went a little off the rails…so I guess it was just another “normal” show. [M: Yeah, we should never use the word “normal” in our own context.] We managed to have some good solid discussions of a couple of volume 2s though: “Aquaman: The Others” by Geoff Johns and “Wonder Woman: Guts” by Brian Azzarello.

That’s right. Sara liked some comics enough to read some volume 2s (or at least trusted Mike enough in the case of Aquaman). [M: We shouldn’t use the word “trust” in our own context either.]

And then of course we talked a whole lotta television. Listen. We are at Episode 8. If you don’t know there are spoilers by now…well, carry on, because we are incredibly ham-handed with spoilers and if you haven’t picked up on this yet then you never will. Listen with impunity if that’s the case.

If you do care about spoilers, here is a list of the shows we talked about, and how far along we are with them. You can avoid listening to the podcast until you’ve caught up to us. Or maybe have half a chance understanding what the heck we are talking about because we make no effort to express ourselves with any real clarity. [M: Speak for yourself – I make a concerted effort to speak with mis-clarity.]

  • Gotham: through episode 7 “Penguin’s Umbrella”
  • The Flash: through episode 4 “Going Rogue”
  • Supernatural: through season 10 (holy shit!) episode 4 “Paper Moon”
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: through season 2 episode 5 “A Hen in the Wolf House”
  • Constantine: through episode 3 “The Devil’s Vinyl”

Show Notes

  • Rex Smith
  • Kristi MacNichol (Oops! Turns out it was Denise Miller in the 1979 film “Sooner or Later.” )
  • Leif Garrett (upper right corner, but I couldn’t resist this magical montage of heart throbs!)


Up Next

  • Wonder Woman: Volume 3 “Iron”
  • Gotham Central: Volume 1
  • And of course the Jizz-tastic Sex Criminals



Episode 05: We really learned something about ourselves…

Guess what! Sara liked a comic; 4-stars-on-Goodreads-liked-it as a matter of fact. And do you know what we learned about ourselves? We are much better at articulating our feelings when we dislike things than when we like things.


All is not lost though because there is plenty of crap out there to talk about besides that one comic Sara read that she really liked. Tune in to hear us talk up Dr. Strange: The Oath written by Brian K. Vaughan, talk a little sideways about the new season of S.H.I.E.L.D., and (ahem) maybe talk down about the first two episodes of the television show Gotham.


  • 20:00 through to 37:06 – S.H.I.E.L.D. plot elements
  • 37:06 through 38:44 – we learn how Mike doesn’t make soup for Sara when she is sick
  • 38:45 through 53:08 – Gotham plot elements
  • from 53:09 on you should be safe (unless you are still slogging through the first season of Arrow like we are)
  • (sorry for how long this is but the dogs really had a lot to say)

Episode 05https://app.box.com/SaraAndMikeOnComics


Show Notes:


  • Silly Putty was the greatest toy when all your grandparents would let you play with was newspapers


[Mike says: “Sara is a genius for finding that Batman-Silly Putty ad.  Holy shitarski, Batman!”]