Sara’s new comic reader Reading List



We’re keeping a running list of the comic books that Sara’s been reading on her newbie comics reader adventure.  Updated irregularly, as we remember that there’s other newbie comics readers of a variety of stripes, genders and interests out there.






  1. Saga volume 1
  2. Saga volume 2
  3. New Avengers volume 1: Breakout
  4. New Avengers volume 2: Sentry
  5. Dr. Strange volume 1: The Oath
  6. Superman/Wonder Woman volume 1: Power Couple
  7. The Runaways volume 1: Pride and Joy
  8. Aquaman volume 1: The Trench
  9. Wonder Woman volume 1: Blood
  10. Aquaman volume 2: The Others
  11. Wonder Woman volume 2: Guts
  12. Wonder Woman volume 3: Iron
  13. Aquaman volume 3: Throne of Atlantis
  14. Sex Criminals volume 1: One Weird Trick
  15. Gotham Central volume 1: In the Line of Duty
  16. Hawkeye volume 1: My Life as a Weapon
  17. Wonder Woman volume 4: War
  18. Aquaman volume 4: Death of a King

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